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Tricks for Adding H.265 video to Apple TV 3 Mac/Windows

August 25 2015 , Written by lauralily10 Published on #h.265 to apple tv 3, #convert hevc to atv 3, #encode h.265 files to apple tv, #play h.265 4k movies on atv 3, #adding h.265 video to apple tv, #h.265 video to m4v for apple tv 3

Summary: If you have some H.265 movies that Apple TV 3 can’t support and wanna play the H.265 video on Apple TV 3, you will need to encode/re-encode it first. I’ll show you how.

As you know, Apple TV is the combination of on-demand media and easy access to your own extensive media library. Most of you probably have had the pleasure of using an Apple TV 3 for enjoyment any movie files you want. If you got some H.265 movies, why not add H.265 to Apple TV 3 for playback? If you also have the intention to play H.265/HEVC on Apple TV 3, read on to get the solution.

Well, to get H.265 files onto Apple TV 3, we should concern the video format compatibility. Officially, the Apple TV only supports MP4, MOV and M4V video. So, you need to encode/re-encode H.265 to Apple TV 3 friendly video first. To get the work done, you need a reliable H.265 converter to do the job. Overall, Brorsoft Video Converter Mac is considered to be the best choice for you.

This software is a powerful H.265 encoder, decoder and converter. It can help you convert H.265 videos to Apple TV 3 supported MP4/MOV/M4V files on Mac OS X(including Yosemite/Mavericks) with the best quality. It's easy to use, and performs professionally. What's more, this video converter severs as a wonderful H.265 video player for you. And with the built-in video editor, you can personalize and retouch your videos in clicks. For converting H.265/HEVC to Apple TV 3 on Windows, please get the Windows version- Video Converter. Download the program now and learn how to change H.265 movie to Apple TV 3.

How to convert H.265 video to Apple TV 3 with ease

1. Install and launch the H.265 to Apple TV 3 Converter on your Mac, and then click "Add" button to browse to H.265 footage or directly drag the H.265 video to the program.

2. Click “Format” bar and turn to the Apple TV category. The program has a number of presets for Apple TV, Apple TV 2, and Apple TV 3rd Generation, to export a Apple TV 3 1080p video with ac3 5.1 pass-through for AV receiver decoding, “Apple TV 3 Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v)” preset is recommended.

Note: By choosing this format, you will get two sound tracks in the result M4V video, one is stereo, and the other is AC3 encoded Dolby Digital 5.1 pass-through. When your Apple TV is connected to audio receiver, the 5.1 surround sound will work. When ATV is connected to your HDTV only, the stereo track will work.

3. If you’re not satisfied with the result videos, you can click “Settings” to adjust codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel in the interface according to your needs and optimize the output file quality.

4. After everything is OK, simply click the big “Convert” button to start converting H.265 videos for Apple TV 3. Once the conversion finished, you can easily sync the converted H.265 files to Apple TV 3 with iTunes and then just enjoy.

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How TO: Import Video_TS files to iMovie For Editing with OS X ( El Capitan included)

August 18 2015 , Written by lauralily10 Published on #video_ts to imovie, #dvd video_ts folder loading to imovie editing, #edit video ts files in imovie, #editing video_ts with os x yosemite, #edit video ts with os x el capitan, #convert video_ts to aic mov for imovie, #transfer Video_TS to iMovie, #import Video_TS folder to iMovie, #video ts files imovie format editing

To import and edit Video_TS files in iMovie 11/09/08, you'll need to convert Video_TS to iMovie compatible formats on Mac OS X ( El Capitan included). Here's how to do it.

iMovie, as a video editing software, is widely used for editing videos or photos. With the program, you can even make home movies or create your own movie projects, which greatly enriched our digital life. However, due to the wide range of media files, not all formats are compatible with iMovie 11/09/08.

Unfortunately, Video_TS is not included in the iMovie accepted video formats list. So if you attempt to edit Video_TS files with iMovie soomthly, the available workaround is to convert Video_TS to iMovie friendly format like Apple Intermediate Codec, which is consided as the most optimized file format for iMovie. And then you can import the converted files to iMovie for further editing.

To complete the task, a Video_TS converter is required. Here the Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Macis highly recommended for you. With it, you can easily rip and convert Video_TS folder to Apple Intermediate Codec encoded .MOV, which ensures maximum editing quality and efficiency when working with iMovie, as well as many other professional codecs like ProRes for FCP, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, etc. What's more, it nearly supports all popular output video formats like MKV, MOV, MP4 ,MPEG, FLV, AVI, XAVC, VOB, MTS and etc to fit various multimedia devices. Now follow the step-by-step guide for you.

How to Convert Video_TS for Editing in iMovie smoothly

Step 1: Load VIDEO_TS files to the converter

Run the VIDEO_TS to iMovie Converterand click "Load DVD" to import the VIDEO_TS files you want to convert. DVD disc, ISO image files are supported as well.

Step 2: Select iMovie friendly format

Click the "Format" to select output format. Choose "iMovie and Final Cut Express > Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC)(*.mov)" as the output format.

Tip: Before conversion, you can click the "Settings" icon to customize the video/audio settings including the Bitrate of Video and Audio, Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc for iMovie.

Step 3: Converting Video_TS video files to iMovie

After all the necessary setting have been done, click "Convert" button to start transcoding Video_TS to AIC .mov.

Finally, launch iMovie. In iMovie, go to the File menu, choose Import > Movies, and then navigate to the folder that your output Video_TS files are saved. Select the files and click "Import".

You're done. By converting Video_TS to iMovie compatible format, you can easily enhance your video and make high quality movies with iMovie.

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Audio troubles with OBS files in Pinnacle Studio - Solution

August 11 2015 , Written by lauralily10 Published on #obs to pinnacle, #solve obs files no audio problem, #edit obs files in pinnacle studio, #import obs files to pinnacle, #convert obs files for pinnacle studio, #get pinnacle studio work with obs, #obs and pinnacle studio importing issue, #fix obs and pinnalce editing issues

Summary: Have got some OBS recordings and want to import/edit OBS files in Pinnacle Studio without issue; check out the guide to learn how to convert OBS files to Pinnacle Studio compatible MPEG-2 video format.

If you obtain many OBS files, you may wanna edit these OBS videos in Pinnacle Studio. Whereas, when you import OBS files to Pinnacle Studio for further editing, you will probably get some issues like program crashed, black viewer screen, no audio track... So, what's the available workflow for OBS files(MP4/FLV) in Pinnacle Studio? Okay. This article will present you how to work OBS files in Pinnacle Studio flawlessly in detail.

As mentioned above, Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) generally can record FLV and MP4 videos. Although Pinnacle Studio supports FLV and MP4 format, due to the different video/audio codes contained in a video file, some incompatible issues with Pinnacle still exist. To prepare OBS recordings for Pinnacle, the easy option is to transcode OBS files to Pinnacle Studio natively supported formats (MPG/WMV/MOV are highly recommended). Brorsoft Video Converter is the first and best choice for you.

The program is the best Video Converter for OBS footage. With this OBS video converter, you can effortlessly convert OBS FLV/MP4 to MPEG-2, which will create Pinnacle Studio friendly file format keeping the original quality. Besides Pinnacle, this software can also export DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, WMV for Windows Movie Maker and more NLE systems for native editing. Just download it and follow the tutorial below to get the work done.

How to convert OBS for editing in Pinnacle Studio smoothly

Step 1: Load OBS files to the software

Install and launch the best OBS to Pinnacle Studio converter and load source FLV, MP4 clips to it. You can also drag and drop the OBS files to the software directly.

Step 2: Choose output format

Click "Format" pull down list to select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as the best video format for Premiere Pro. WMV, MOV formats are the good choice as well.

Tip: Advanced Settings You can click the “Settings” button and customize proper video/audio parameters if necessary. Video size, bitrate and fame rate are flexible and can be adjusted as you like.

Step 3. Convert OBS video to Pinnacle

Click the convert button under the preview window; this OBS file converter will start encoding OBS flv/mp4 to Pinnacle Studio.

When the conversion process shows in 100%, you can get the resulted videos from output folder for easier editing in Pinnacle Studio 9/11/12/14/16.

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Convert Sony PXW-X200 XAVC to MPEG-2 for Avid Media Composer

August 3 2015 , Written by lauralily10 Published on #Sony XAVC to Avid Converter, #Convert Sony PXW-X200 XAVC, #Sony Pxw-x200 To Avid, #Get Sony PXW-X200 XAVC into Avid MC, #Edit Sony PXW-X200 Raw XAVC Files in Avid

Summary: The Avid Media Composer won't import XAVC files from Sony PXW-X200 smoothly. The easy workaround is to transcode Sony XAVC video to a more editable codec DNxHD. Here is how.

Sony's new addition to its XDCAM range of solid state memory camcorders, the PXW-X200, incorporates an improved 1/2 inch-type Exmor 3CMOS sensor, a new 17x zoom lens and XAVC Intra/Long GOP recording with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling. In XAVC, the user can select Intra-frame compression at a maximum of 112 Mbps or high-efficiency Long GOP compression at 50/35/25 Mbps. After capturing some outstanding videos, you may wanna transfer Sony PXW-X200 XAVC to Avid Media Composer or other NLEs for further editing. However, the problem is that the XAVC and Avid workflow is not so easy as imaged.

"There is an issue that has troubled me for days. When I open the footage from my Sony PXW-X200 in Avid, there is messgae shows that the files are unrecognizable and Avid jumped out. I understand that Avid is incompatible with some 4K videos, however, I am never told that Avid can not afford Sony PXW-X200 XAVC files. Help!"

The XAVC format is not natively supported by Avid Media Composer, neither nor other editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc owing to its high compression rate and heavy codec. So if you want to edit Sony PXW-X200 XAVC files in Avid, the first step is to transcode Sony PXW-X200 XAVC files to Avid native format-DNxHD MOV.

According to users feedback and experiences, you may like to give a shot to this powerful Mac App-Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. With its intuitive interface, you can easily encode Sony PXW-X200 XAVC to DNxHD MOV for Avid without quality loss. Besides Avid, it also can help users to smoothly import and edit XAVC clips in various non-linear editing systems (NLE), including Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and more. If you are a PC user, then Brorsoft Video Converter is your first choice. Now, download the software and start conversion journey.

Tutorial on converting Sony PXW-X200 XAVC to Avid in simple steps

Step 1. Launch the XAVC to DNxHD Converter on your Mac, then click the adding button to import your XAVC flies from HD drive or your camcorder directly.

Step 2. Click "Format" bar to select Avid Media Composer->Avid DNxHD(*.mov) as the best video format for editing sONY XAVC in Avid with good video quality.

Tip: Before conversion, you can click "Settings" button right besides "Format" and enter "Profile Settings" panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

Step 3. Hit "Convert" button and your files will be converted into DNxHD .mov files for Avid Media Composer. Now you can edit the encoded Sony PXW-X200 XAVC video files in Avid Media Composer without problem.

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